What is MIC-UP?

posted 19 Sept 2011, 09:07 by Jane Carter   [ updated 24 Nov 2011, 02:44 ]

MIC-UP is a website for local bands, especially those from a radius incorporating Northwich, Crewe and Warrington to advertise just how hardworking they are!

I set up this website due to the lack of publicity and support my local bands seemed to be getting, whilst people were complaining that there was never anything 'on', or that nothing ever happened! This area has a huge and wide-ranging rich musical pool to dive into! So, I think there's room for a web like this where you can see whats on each month, read something about the band and make your own decision. I  don't like the negativity that has been put on some facebook sites -  so as I am a positive person- won't do that here.If you are in a band, and your music may not be mic-up of tea, I will say so, but hopefully not disrespect what you are trying to do- ( unless you are downright racist/sexist and so on, and then I'm afraid the quill may get a bit sticky!)
 I aim to show who's on and where -the Events section, and write some Reviews, and of course, take lots of  Photos for bands who would like some pics.
I'm doing this for free, in my 'spare' time simply to show my commitment to music and its ability to bring people together. 
**It goes without saying that all information I write or photos I take retain as (C) copyright Jane Carter. I retain complete and full rights to any of my work written and photographic, used for any publicity purposes. Please make sure you ask my permission first and credit my work as and when you use it.**    
All listings correct at time of going to press...but check with venues first.         

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