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the Dusk at Dry Bar-Manchester

posted 8 Oct 2011, 01:04 by Jane Carter
The Dusk headlined a great band night at Dry Bar last night. Other bands included Kill for Company, Apollo's Heir, the Gentrymen, and Kat Mullen.
It was clear just how polished and musically professional the Dusk are when you see them live. Playing at 10pm they had the top slot, and calmly took control of a very hot stage. The sound quality at Dry is sometimes not all that it could be, and I think this was a bit of an issue for all of the bands that night. Despite this, the Dusk gave us their best shot, as they always do, playing new and 'old' numbers with energy and a great attitude towards their audience. Lead singer James 'read' the audience really well, and soon had them dancing at the front - some were lucky enough to be given free Dusk cd's for their efforts! Tracks included 'Therapy', and finished with a fine version of 'It comes again'. Full- on guitars, strong vocals, steady rock drumming, the Dusk were able to showcase their abilities sucessfully at this gig.
Check out the photos.