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The Dusk.......Falling........cd review

posted 23 Sept 2011, 05:21 by Jane Carter   [ updated 23 Sept 2011, 06:19 ]
If this band was a beer it would have a medal of excellence. If it was a wine it would be a full-bodied gutsy red!......Enough already- you get the picture? This album took me back to the 80's and at the same time brings me hurtling into the musical future in 6 tracks ( why only 6? I need more!). I don't take to bands easily and have very particular musical tastes from a lifetime of listening and going to gigs. So when I tell you these guys have something interesting, I know what I'm talking about.
Plaintive vocals but with an inner strength, energetic and stomping drums, musically clever hooks, the Dusk have energy. Their songs have an anthemic quality, whilst the songwriting shows a depth of feeling and experiences whilst not playing the 'poor me' game. These tracks have a real mature beauty about them. I would class the Dusk as intelligent musicians as opposed to people who play instruments- there's a huge difference.
Reminding me of the best of my Manchester Scene days, such as Joy Division, the Fall, Stone Roses....dancing at the Hacienda....and sometimes for some reason of echoes of U2, and yet resolutely very much being themselves, experiencing their music brought me sheer joy.
1. Falling-wins the prize for making me dance round the front room! Capable and thundering, great riffs and keyboards. I defy you not to tap your feet! Almost an overture, it took me on a journey.............
2. The Other Side - WOW! Listen to this intro really amazing keyboards, stonkingly good drums and keyboards. A fine blend of rawness and sensitivity. Acute vocals hitting the mark, it's been hard not to sing along...'the grass is greener.......'
3.It comes again - Don't get too near the amps for this one, gut wrenchingly strong for rocking your innards! Rises to a crescendo with beautiful keyboards. I would rate it as a class dance tune ( but then I may be wierd!)...it makes you want to move, it defies you to sit there motionless.............and thoughtless.....Poppy, electric, rocky how did you do that guys? Reminds me of what I love best about this band, hard to classify, and a refusal to be labelled!
4.Therapy - 'It comes again' tails off on a beautiful long note and melts into 'Therapy', which begins with soul-wrenching guitar riffs. A slightly more 'chanting' vocal sound, putting the singer through his paces and showing us what he's good at. Feels like a broodingly dark track...............
5. Broken Tide - Electric flashing guitars and keyboards with that reliably strong drum beat behind it all, winding round and holding it all together. Tells a great story, so a track for me which has authentic, soaring qualities.
6. Enough to tell - Great acoustic guitar intro, melancholic, sweeping, with sighing vocals. This track seems to really come from the heart. Listen to the lyrics- we've all been there- it's a plea, a desire..... a craving............
Usually you find a favourite track fairly soon on an album you've never heard before if you're lucky. Mine has to be 'The other side', but I think you can hear the musical merits in each track. Yes, the Dusk may resonate with bands you heard in the past, musically they may remind you of others- but they are very much an individual sound. My musical tastes are fairly eclectic, and so it's interesting to find a band that can keep me interested and listening, I never thought I'd find one...........grrrrrrr!