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Too Late for Kate @ The Leigh Arms

posted 13 Oct 2011, 14:30 by Jane Carter
Too Late for Kate are a fantastic 5 piece covers band.  They formed recently, and tonight was their first night playing at the Leigh Arms.They played for a packed house, , and the local audience really appreciated their music. Numbers by Adele, Sting, Tom Petty, and Winehouse, amongst others gave an eclectic sound,and meant that there was 'something for everyone'. They brought their own PA and had a professional looking set up, more importantly, they were able to show us their sense of humour with some gentle bantering amongst band members between numbers, which added sparkle! Kates voice has an interesting range, and she coped extremely well despite having the cough most of us have got this week! She should use the 'gravelly' soul singer voice more! Timing was good, and they were the kind of band you'd be very happy to see and hear on a night out I would recommend you have a listen to this band,they will just get better and better!